Thomas Kelly

United Kingdom

Thomas Kelly was born on 5th of November 1998. He passed Grade 8 with Distinction in 2006 and performed Mozart Concerto No. 24 in the Marlowe Theater two years later. After moving to Cheshire, he regularly played in festivals, winning prizes including in Birmingham Festival, 3rd prize in Young Pianist of The North 2012, and 1st prize in WACIDOM 2014. Since 2015, Thomas has been studying with Andrew Ball, initially at the Purcell School of Music and now at Royal College of Music where he is in third-year undergraduate. Thomas has won 1st prizes including Pianale International Piano Competition 2017, Kharkiv Assemblies 2018, at Lucca Virtuoso e Bel Canto festival 2018, RCM Joan Chissell Schumann competition 2019, Kendall Taylor Beethoven competition 2019 and BPSE Intercollegiate Beethoven competition 2019. In addition, he has performed in a variety of venues, including the Wigmore Hall, the Cadogan Hall, Holy Trinity Sloane Square, St James’ Piccadilly, Oxford Town Hall, St Mary’s Perivale, St Paul’s Bedford, the Poole Lighthouse Arts Centre, the Stoller Hall, at Paris Conservatoire, the StreingreaberHaus in Bayreuth, the Teatro Del Sale in Florence, and in Vilnius and Palanga. Thomas’ studies at RCM are generously supported by Ms Daunt and Ms Stevenson, Pat Kendall Taylor and C. Bechstein pianos.

First round

L. van Beethoven: Fantasie op. 77

F. Busoni: Toccata C major BV 287 (BWV 564)

Final round

F. Chopin: 3 Mazurkas op. 50
No. 1 G major
No. 2 A flat major
No. 3 c sharp minor

A. Scriabin: Sonata F sharp major No. 4 op. 30
I. Andante
II. Prestissimo volando

I. J. Paderewski: Theme and Variations op. 16 No. 3 A major

K. Szymanowski: Etude op. 4 No. 3 Andante b flat minor

S. Prokofiev: 4 Etudes op. 2
No. 1 Allegro d minor
No. 2 Moderato e minor
No. 3 Andante semplice c minor
No. 4 Presto energico c minor